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Jun 09

Glass Painting

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 Glass painting

Glass Painting


In  Glass Painting the artist paint on both the sides of the glass, while it can be viewed directly as well as from the reversed side. Basically on black glass it can be seen directly and  the non- painted surface will be the side that is displayed as reverse image.

These are of two types-

Direct image: We should trace the design on glass directly with the help of tracing sheet. For example- this type of painting will look perfect on black mirror & normal mirror.

Reverse image: In reverse image we make painting on the other side of the glass and proper image is shown when it is reverse. For example- If we have to make an object in reverse image we have to paint features first then whole object because the image will be shown from reverse side. This type of painting can be  made on plain glass, OHP sheets etc.

Reverse Image

Method of Reverse glass painting

Material required

  • Glass paints
  • Out liner
  • Glass or Mirror
  • Tracing paper
  • Glitter colors
  • Black  Marker


Let’s start

Step 1

Choose your design according to your theme.

Step 2
Trace your design with the help of tracing paper. Now outline design with black marker or any color of your choice (but prefer black color).Choose image according to size of your glass or mirror. Now with the help of outliner draw the outline of the design. Now let it dry completely before moving to the next step.

Step 3

As outline is dried completely then take glass colors of your choice and fill it in your painting. You can use glitter colors also to give nice effect and you can use oil paint to make the border of glass or mirror whichever you are using.
Step  4
At last for background color refer white or silver to get the best result.

You can use silver foil paper (which you can easily get from your kitchen), take foil paper more from the size of your painting then crumple it and put it behind your painting. This will fill up the space which is not colored and give nice finishing to your painting.

Step 5

Now your painting is ready to get framed and hanged in your beautiful house.

Reverse Image

Tips and tricks

  • To give gold effect you can use Tanjore gold paint and dusting powder.
  • While filling colors avoid to shake bottle because this will create bubbles and it will give messy look.
  • To avoid bubbles use pin & cotton buds.
  • Let paint dry completely before moving on to next step otherwise paint will smudge.
  • You can use oil paint also to give nice effect if required.


So what are you waiting for!!!

Simply start and decorate your beautiful house with colorful glittering Glass paintings.

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